Welcome to our Bed and Breakfast in the Basque Country



We are a British couple with two sons.  We moved to France in 2003, when our boys were 6 and 3 years old and still young enough to learn to speak French with no accent.  We then moved to Mendionde in 2007, where we renovated Maison Anderetea using traditional methods and noble materials to create an harmonious mix of old and new.


Addresses in the Basque region are the name of the house and the village.  Apart from in the larger agglomerations, the poor postman has to learn the name of every house, as there are no numbers or street names.  The name "Maison Anderetea" is a mixture of French and Basque.  "Maison" meaning house in French and "Anderetea" from the Basque "Andre" meaning lady and subsequently "Anderea" meaning Noble lady, adding the et makes it diminutive, either young or small .  So we live in the "Young or Small Noble Lady's House"!  


In the mid 1700's our home was originally a barn.  It was then extended on two occasions.  Firstly to the west, before being doubled in size with the addition of a full length extension to the south.  This is a very common sight in Basque houses that were built during this period, done to accommodate a growing family.  They are nearly all built facing the east and the extension is nearly always done on the south side.  This for practical reasons following the seasons.  During the summer when the sun is high it does not enter the house and during the winter when it is low, it does...and it works!


Maison Anderetea has two spacious letting rooms.  Both offer extremely comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation, with en suite facilities and are in the oldest part of the building.


Our breakfasts are completely homemade, and wherever possible from home produced or locally sourced ingredients, which change on a daily basis.  If you have any preferences, allergies or intolerance's please let us know in advance so that we can tailor "the most important meal of the day" to your requirements.

Quentin and Karen